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Air Quality Reports, Measurements and Statistics

Welcome to the Reports, Measurements and Statistics section of the UK Air Quality network. Everything is read-only so please explore the pages.


Pollutant measurements are collected automatically every hour from many locations for public information. These measurements are quality controlled in real-time before displaying on the website. The final results are quality controlled annually following the requirements of the UK Local Air Quality Management: Technical Guidance LAQM.TG(09).


Air Quality Statistics and Limits

Library of Air Quality Statistical Reports

An extensive library of statistical reports for each monitoring station. The reports were created using the air quality standards that were current at the time.


Example Report – example annual report showing the air quality statistics and exceedence counts


Daily Air Quality Index (DAQI) – showing the current air quality measurements as colour coded bands based on the latest medical research


UK and EU air quality limits – full list of the current air quality standards, objectives, target values and limit values


Automatic Measurements

Archive of Air Quality Measurements

The archive of hourly and 15-minute mean measurements for all monitoring stations, all pollutants, all meteorological parameters and all years



Data Dictionary – listing of site names, location details and operational dates


NO2 Diffusion Data

Library of NO2 Diffusion Tube Spreadsheets

Monthly mean concentrations from Local Authority NO2 diffusion tube networks. Bias corrected concentrations, annual means and LAQM reports are available directly from the Local Authorities.



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